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For Alex by Rynn19 For Alex :iconrynn19:Rynn19 8 4 Orb No 239 by YarNor Orb No 239 :iconyarnor:YarNor 8 0 Pounci B. by Hailya Pounci B. :iconhailya:Hailya 4 1 Rodnei 38 - Apus by YingSiYang Rodnei 38 - Apus :iconyingsiyang:YingSiYang 12 0 How the sky shines by fuego316 How the sky shines :iconfuego316:fuego316 5 20
I fear what most people fear
What is your fear?
If you know this you know mine.
What stirs in your head?
What awakes you while you slumber in your bed?
What do you hide from your family and friends?
What do you keep locked up in the back of your head?
Beyond mortal reach
What breaks childhood dreams?
When you think about it you know you want to scream.
What trashes your beloved future?
It destroys your dreams like a jail house executioner?
What stops you from spreading you words?
It makes you feel so unwelcome it's absurd.
If you answered all these questions
You will see
The this thing I fear most
Well it's me
:iconalternativebliss:alternativebliss 1 9
the last leaf hit's the ground,
with a deafening sound,
the whole world came down,
on that little leaf,
the last one of it's kind,
maybe i've gone out of my mind,
as the ground shakes,
and my soul aches,
my heart breaks,
it's my last breath,
pummeling down,
twisting and it lays there,
like a crown,
with precious jewels,
waiting to be found,
by a little girl,
more deserving,
than the one it belonged to,
than the one who stole it.
just like her.
:iconshattereddollface:shattereddollface 1 7
Wake In Your Arms
Images flash
across my view,
sparking reflections,
pictures of you.
I don't think I've realised
how far you've gone.
Let me sleep on this thought
and wake up in your arms.
I want to tell you
I won't forget.
I want you to know
you still have friends.
I want to tell you
I'm not done yet,
but I'll see you again
when this life ends.
Months pass,
suns set.
They glow like you
in purple and red.
It's hard to remember
how brightly you shone.
Let me sleep tonight
and wake up in your arms.
I want to know
that you're alright
I want to find
some answers tonight.
I want to know
that you're free from harm.
Let me dream tonight
of waking in your arms.
:iconnightmandl:nightmandl 19 41
Jessica's Playground
The sky was dark
and I never knew that would be the day
that one car would take you so far
It lifted you high above
and made you shine in that beautiful night's sky
You're flying away
but I won't ask you to come back
You're flying far
the angel's playground is where you belong
You're flying high
You were too good for this life anyway
You showed me life
by the way you talked
and put the wind beneath my wings
It helped me to fly
fly so high
and someday, I'll fly with you again
where the summers are long
You're flying away
but I won't ask you to come back
You're flying far
the angel's playground is where you belong
You're flying high
You were too good for this life anyway
My angel in training
was just an angel waiting,
to guide me
to show me
this life and another.
You're flying away
but I won't ask you to come back
You're flying far
the angels playground is where you belong
You're flying high
You were too good for this life
Just too good
too good, too good
Just too good for this life,
:iconeyesonthestars:eyesonthestars 1 3
Hey you
Let us stalk amid the lesions we have fashioned
Upon the faces of those that adore us most
Let us show them why we are here
Let us show them what shall be done
For too long we have lay quiescent
Fermenting just under their emaciated skin
For too long our lunacy has fed them
Their deception is praised
We are unseen
We are not waiting any longer
Nothing can prepare them for our wrath
Finally our divine spear will pierce the essence of our keepers
Then we will ascend from fleshy graves
And we will bathe in their decay
We will resurrect our lost love
It is our turn to imprison
This is the land of the living
:icontlaloc:Tlaloc 2 1
I wake up
And panic clutches my heart
I am covered in sweat
Sheets sticking to my skin
I blink a couple of times
And think about dreaming of him
I fall back into
The blue abyss of covers
Sweet with the smell of him
I breathe back in
My dream of him
I curl my fingers in his hair
And study his serious face
His beautiful blue eyes are closed
And his lips are parted with pleasure
I feel his hands explore my body
And all of a sudden
I notice all of the things wrong with me.
As time passed by
I forgot about
All the things he didn’t love
I realized the truth
And it was simple
He never loved me.
For a time
I was in bliss
I no longer searched the mirror
For my imperfections.
The speckles of freckles
No longer made me want to scream
The hair dye
Was put away
And the red shines through
And I felt happy during those days.
Now he is back
But not really here
I see him but
Cant feel his sprit in this place
He has changed
Too much for even my love to reach.
With him in my space
I can hardly breathe
:iconblackdaze:Blackdaze 1 9
Mind Games
I hate that
This is hurting you,
It is killing me.
I spent so much time
Thinking of you,
Now they ask me to forget.
Moving on hurts
But you leave me no choice,
No hope.
Now you want me
To feel ashamed,
But I am done
Playing your petty games.
Trying to make me feel amoral,
But you just opening my eyes up
To you world.
No more saddens,
I can cry no more tears
Over you.
I am done.
I am through.
I once loved you.
:iconblackdaze:Blackdaze 1 3
Who is this girl inside?
Why must I make her hide?
Outside I laugh and giggle
Masking the truth
With a smile,
And all the while
Inside I cry.
I can’t explain why I try to hide
From the world around me,
Who I truly am inside.
I listen to the others
And not to my heart,
I do there biding
And my world falls apart.
The choices I make
Hurt inside.
The presser is too great,
I cannot withstand
Their petty judgments
And their plans.
So I go along with the crowd,
I become one
Of the many clowns
To lose their face
In this place
Where happiness
Exist only in dreams
And the real world
Seems so mean.
:iconblackdaze:Blackdaze 2 4
I just lie on the floor
with rock music pounding in my ears
but thats as deep as it goes
its just what I hear
no longer can I relate
no longer can I debate
it just all runs together
like some stormy weather
throbbing in my head.
but my soul seems to be
compaitively dead
but no one sees
its the eye of the storm
an unsettling calm
the same old norm
with the world in my palm
but I can\'t do
a damn thing about it
I can\'t crush it
I can\'t make it grow
its already dead
this world of mine
a paralell soul
to your worlds mind
it seems what is me
has withered away
I know it goes back together
but I know not which way
the shattered puzzle
with pieces missing
but I know they\'re all here
cause I watched them dissapear
I need to pick up the shards
and put them back together
but I know that theres
nothing left to do
so why?
:iconoctoro:octoro 4 11
From Within by madnifesto From Within :iconmadnifesto:madnifesto 1 20



I don't really exist.
United States
Current Residence: c-bus, ohio
Favourite genre of music: rock/alternative
Personal Quote: "We prosper on our own creations, how sad...."-Me
Wow, I was a messed up little kid, a lot has changed now. No chemical imbalances that I'm aware of, haha. It's been a long time, I'm much more laid back. I can't believe how much has changed! I'm more into photography now, not so hot at writing these days.
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